In Pennsylvania, approximately 1,200 people die in motor vehicle accidents each year.  Another 3,000 are seriously injured.

The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles estimates the average economic loss to be $6.6 million per fatality and $1.4 million per severe injury. Attorneys at Talarico & Associate know that the devastating outcomes of a serious motor vehicle accident well exceed your monetary losses. Talarico & Associates | Motor Vehicle Accidents | Erie, PAYou have been deprived of so much more including health, happiness, livelihood, life experiences, comfort, companionship, and security.

Talarico & Associates are driven by compassion and determination. They have diligently worked to help their clients obtain compensation for their hardships.  If you are suffering the effects of a devastating motor vehicle accident, contact our auto accident attorneys in Erie, PA today for a free consultation at 814-459-4472.