Unfortunately, medical providers sometimes make mistakes with profound consequences.

Talarico & Associates | Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Erie, PATalarico & Associates have dedicated thousands of hours to helping those who have been severely harmed by the negligence of family practitioners, medical specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other healthcare providers.

The claims they handle implicate a variety of medical disciplines including cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, emergency medicine, general surgery, urology, nephrology, diagnostic radiology, anesthesiology, and oncology.  They have represented clients with a wide spectrum of critical medical conditions such as cancers, blood diseases, kidney & urinary disorders, brain tumors, respiratory ailments, ventilator induced damages, infectious diseases, sepsis, digestive illnesses, childbirth related maladies, and strokes, as well as psychiatric problems and suicide.

Medical Malpractice litigation is a complex and lengthy process. The attorneys at Talarico & Associates understand the medical processes and scientific aspects involved.  When needed, they will consult with other experts to gather information, analyze the issues, and form the most persuasive argument possible.  They are skilled litigators who are passionate about the pursuit of justice for the victims of medical malpractice.  Call 814-459-4472 today for a free consultationfrom our medical malpractice attorneys in Erie, PA.